Why YOU Write: Call for “Why I Write” Essays

If you are a writer, have you ever written an essay exploring your reasons for writing?
If so, then I am interested in reading and posting your “Why I Write” non-fiction piece, 500-5,000 words, on this site. I’m looking for as many essays as possible by both known and unknown writers, published or unpublished, especially unknown and minimally published writers, for I am a firm believer that all writers deserve a voice.
Traditional publishing does not always offer such a platform for struggling writers.
You can read more about how traditional publishers “ban” and “censor” books here.
What’s in it for you? At this point, I can’t pay anything for your work, but you may, within your essay, promote your own books and link to your own homepage/website. As this site grows, so will exposure to your work.
Your work will be attributed to you (with a copyright notice), and you will retain all rights to your work, which means you will be free to republish and repost it elsewhere.
I will accept just about any “Why I Write” essay, as long as it is fairly well-written and stays on topic.
However, there are some exceptions:
·         No spam or unrelated ad links (other than links promoting your own work)
·         No links to malware sites and websites unrelated to you and your work
·         No adult content (hardcore porn, that is; adult social themes welcome)
·         No hate speech against minorities and/or ethnic groups
·         No sexual harassment
·         No off-topic work
·         Electronic submissions only, sent here.
Please submit your work in the body of your email (not as an attachment).
If you could also provide a short bio and a jpeg image (as an email attachment) – photograph or original artwork – that would be great!
If you have any questions, please email me.
Keep on writing!


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