CV: Honors and Awards

Jennifer Semple Siegel
York College of Pennsylvania
Fulbright Grant (2009-2010), to teach Creative and Academic Writing and American Literature (African-American focus).
Honorable mention, “Résumé” (short story), International Journal for Teachers of English Writing Skills (2003).
Honorable mention, “Seppuku” and “Cycles” (poems), Writer’s Digest Writing Competition (1995).
Honorable mention, “In Waiting” (short story), Baltimore Sun Magazine Holiday Fiction Contest (1990).
Honorable mention, “Visitation” (short story), Baltimore Sun Magazine Summer Fiction Contest (1990).
Honorable mention, “Our Lady of Miracles” (short story), Baltimore Sun Magazine Holiday Fiction Contest (1989).
First Prize, “Starlings” (poem), annual poetry competition, Pennsylvania Poets’ Society (1987).
Scholarship, Georgetown University for study at the Georgetown Writing Conference (1982).
Full Scholarship, Edison Foundation to attend National Collegiate Newspaper Conference, Washington, DC. (1981).

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